Disappearing Wood Canvas


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Easy and Fun craft for kids of all ages! With tons of animal and character options to choose from this craft is a guaranteed hit.


If purchasing multiple crafts please choose one “main design” from the dropdown menu.  Then please type additional designs in the note section


Dropdown Menu Craft- Pineapple


T-rex – 1 (color choices red/ green/ orange)

Ballet Slippers- 3 (color choices pink/ purple/ turquoise)

Additional information

Choose Design

Anchor, Ballet Slippers, Batman, Belle (from beauty and the beast), Brontosaurus, Butterfly, Captain America, Car Sitting, Cinderella, Darth Vader, Disney Castle, Dog Sitting, Elephant with Heart Ear, Frog Sitting, Harry Potter, Horse Head, Horse Running, Lego Figure, Mermaid Tail, Mermaid with star, Mickey Mouse and Disney Gang, My Little Pony, Olaf, Owl with Heart Belly, Paint tray and brush, Pineapple, Pirate Ship, PJ Masks (three characters), Robot, Sloth, Spider, Star Wars (The Resistance), Superman, T-Rex, Three Ballerinas, Triceratops, Unicorn, Video Game Control, Whale with Spout, Yoda

Choose Background Color

Black (paint), Blue (paint), Briarsmoke (stain), Brown (paint), Charcoal Gray (stain), Dark Blue (paint), Dark Gray (paint), Dark Purple (paint), Dark Red, Dark Turquoise (paint), Dark Walnut (stain), Ebony (stain), Green (paint), Greige (paint), Light Blue (paint), Light Gray (paint), Light Green (paint), Light Pink (paint), Light Purple (paint), Light Turquoise (paint), Light Yellow, Light Yellow (paint), Magenta (paint), Orange (paint), Pink (paint), Provincial (stain), Rams Maroon, Rams Maroon (paint), Red (paint), Weathered Gray (stain), White (paint), Yellow (paint)

Choose Design Color

Black, Blue, Bright Pink, Bright Yellow, Brown, Dark Gray, Dark Purple, Dark Red, Dark Turquoise, Green, Greige, Light Blue, Light Gray, Light Green, Light Purple, Light Yellow, Magenta, Orange, Pink Berry, Rams Maroon, Red, Turquoise, White

Second Design Color

, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Third Design Color

Black, Blue, Bright Yellow, Brown, Dark Grey, Dark Purple, Dark Red, Dark Turquoise, Green, Greige, Light Blue, Light Green, Light Grey, Light Pink, Light Purple, Light Turquoise, Light Yellow, Maroon, Orange, Pink Berry, Red, White

Tiered Pricing ($25.00 Craft)

1-5 Qt. ($25.00 a piece), 6-9 Qt. ($22.50 a piece), 10+ ($20.00 a piece )


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